When XLARGE caught wind that SHINES Creative holds the reins of Roland Lifestyle's brand management, they envisioned a dynamic collaboration between two iconic Japanese brands—and we made it happen! Fueled by the electric vibe of 808 Day, we orchestrated a campaign that captivated audiences far and wide. SHINES meticulously crafted a release strategy that ignited buzz across social media and digital platforms, setting the stage for the unveiling of our electrifying capsule collection.

Spanning both the domestic United States and Japan, this collaboration transcended borders, bringing together enthusiasts from diverse corners of the globe. From captivating social marketing campaigns to exclusive releases in select Tier 0 stores across the US, the collection swiftly captured the hearts of aficionados, leaving a trail of sold-out racks in its wake. Together, we transformed a visionary collaboration into a resounding success story, weaving together the legacies of XLARGE and Roland Lifestyle into a tapestry of cultural resonance and creative innovation.