Topo  Chico


TThis year, Topo Chico and Coca-Cola collaborated to host an unforgettable experience at the Sonic Desert day party during weekend one. Elevating the excitement to new heights, Topo Chico and Roland joined forces for an exclusive limited release: the coveted Topo Chico bucket hat that quickly became the talk of the town.

To immerse attendees in the essence of the event, we crafted an engaging brand journey that led guests on an unforgettable adventure. As they delved deeper into the Topo Chico experience, attendees discovered a unique connection with the brand, fostering lasting memories and creating genuine moments of joy.

As a token of appreciation for their participation, each guest was gifted a custom Topo Chico bucket hat, serving as a wearable souvenir of their journey through Sonic Desert. With every wear, they carry with them not only a stylish accessory but also cherished memories of laughter, music, and camaraderie that will resonate long after the desert dust settles.